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Value-oriented programming solutions
AMP cruise line customers appreciate our ability to develop value-oriented programming strategies based on cruise patterns and passenger demographics. They value our content expertise and high levels of personalized SERVICE, working hand-in-hand with them every step of the way to identify their needs and develop suitable solutions.

AMP is experienced in providing Hollywood and local content to cruise lines around the world tailoring programming to your passenger demographics and destinations. As part of the Post Modern Group (PMG), we have access to an unparalleled range of IN-HOUSE resources, including video and post production, creation of foreign languages, subtitles and captions, AVOD encoding, video and audio cassette duplication as well as CD and DVD replication. More than 100 technicians, engineers and specialists support AMP in the delivery of product to our customers.

Technical expertise
Our staff members have working experience of the various digital hardware systems in use aboard major cruise lines worldwide. We offer content management solutions to maximize entertainment value while minimizing the need for intervention by your ship-board crews, as well as assistance during the digital hardware selection and implementation processes.

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